01 Oct 2017

A scissor lift is known for being a versatile and powered access platform that mainly permits operators to carry out work that involves a raised height. This is a very large and expensive machine. For this reason, renting is a best, cheapest and most effective option, particularly if you only need it over a short period time.

I have outlined below the benefits of renting a scissor lift:

  • Efficiency and Maneuverability

Renting a scissor lift can be done in no time, and can be delivered and collected when suits you. The machine itself is very efficient in getting work done along with allowing great maneuverability compared to other machines.

  • Safety Promised

The scissor life is known for its safety. This is due to the fact that it comes with harness points and guard rails. Apart from that, it provides a more stable platform for an operator without needing to balance or climb on uncertain ledges.

  • Comes in All Sizes and Shapes

A scissor lift is available in different sizes and shapes that can range from large-scale heavy machine to small push-around indoor personnel lift. With that, there’s usually an option to rent a scissor lift that can reach a height of up to twenty meters.

  • Easy to Operate

A scissor lift is very easy and convenient to operate. In addition to that, it can be moved with great ease and convenience that helps reduce fatigue among operators. Thus, helping with  levels of production.

  • Eliminate Repetitive Strain Injury

A scissor lift is a valuable tool to use as it helps avoid the need for repetitive stretching and bending. Thus, avoiding the possibility of getting a strain.

  • Extensive Features

The impressive thing about a scissor lift is that it comes with impressive and special features that include horizontal shift, rotate and tilt. Prior to the tilt feature, it permits workers to choose the platform’s angle and then the rotate feature permits the platform to rotate. Some have a platform that can also be moved horizontally. You can choose to rent a standard scissor lift that suits your requirements.

Once used correctly, this machine is one of the safest and easiest to use. Just be sure not to load more than is permitted into the lift as this is a major cause of accidents.

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